Who says Mother's Day has to end tomorrow?

I want Mother's Day to last beyond tomorrow, don't you?  Not just for me, but for you, your mom, your grandma, or any other woman you are blessed to have in your life.  I want to send your "mom" a little gift to help make Mother's Day last beyond tomorrow - Stress Away Bath Soak.  Mom's - if you can get away even for just a 10 minute bath, this homemade gem will make that the best 10 minutes of your life (or at least your week).    

Message me on Facebook or send me an email to and let me know the following:                                                                                                                       Where to send the gift - include name and address                                                                          Indicate the special message you would like me to write in the card                                              Anything else you would like me to know.

Please let me know by 3pm tomorrow (Mother's Day) so I can get everything together and sent out on Monday - Your "mom" will receive her gift sometime next week to extend her Mother's Day celebrations.