I am a Lemon Dropper

As I sit here, 40 years old, 27 weeks pregnant with my first babe, I ponder how amazing 2014 was.  My journey to get here started in 2009 when Jeff and I got married in June, pregnant in September and just so happy to be where we were.  In November of that year, I experienced my first loss - I was pregnant with twins and one of them was not viable.  It was bittersweet.  I hadn't thought much about twins and although my heart hurt, my energy went to safely carrying baby number 2 (lovingly nicknamed Thor) to term.  At 18 weeks gestation on January 22, 2010, when I went in for my Dr. appointment, the doc couldn't find a heartbeat using the doppler so he took me to get an ultrasound only to discover Thor had decided to join his brother as one of my angels.  Ouch.  

Jeff and I started trying to conceive again as soon as we could and that turned out to be a much longer road than anticipated.  Over the next 4+ years, we tried every holistic approach I could think of and also went to a fertility doc for testing.  Nothing was "wrong" with either of us.  Then in Spring of 2014, my girlfriend reintroduced me to Young Living Essential oils which happened to be a holistic method that I had not tried, so I gave it a whirl.  I started using oils to assist in balancing my hormones, changed all of my cleaning supplies to all-natural cleaners, and started making my own bath & body products.  This regimen began in June, 2014 - 3 months later we received a positive pregnancy test.  Woot!  

When I began the Young Living journey, I did not intend on becoming an Independent Distributor, but once I started sharing my success stories (not only on fertility, but everything else these amazing oils have helped with) sponsoring others in their journey was a natural next step.  Not really knowing this when I purchased my kit, it turns out I am part of the most amazing Young Living team that exists - The Lemon Droppers.  This is a team that has supported me in my quest to get pregs, are always available to share my successes, and lend an ear when life might get a little overwhelming.  And I hope that by sharing my story with others, it will help them or someone they know.  It is always comforting to know someone else who has had success in an area you are needing assistance in.  

I couldn't ask for a better team to be along with me on this ride and I am so proud to say:


Here is a video put together by our amazing Lemon Dropper Leadership on what it means to be a part of this team.  Go ahead and shed a tear - I did.